What is ProjectScript?

ProjectScript is to a project what a script is to a movie or to an orchestra; or what music is to dance floors. It is capable of coordinating tens, hundreds, or thousands various actors on the project platform – be they be the owner, engineer, manager, consultant, contractor, supplier, carpenter, mason, fitter, welder, electrician or the plumber. What each needs to do is to act to the ‘tune’ of the ProjectScript!

ProjectScript is a Real-Time, integrated, AI-driven Construction Project Management Platform. ProjectScript is a complete solution to the construction project management challenges from estimation to project close-out. Customers can build CPM (critical path method) networks, estimate the time and cost, and allocate budgets using ProjectScript. The artificial intelligence built in the application helps to allocate resources to activities at the optimum level on a daily basis. The application is real-time. So, you are not dealing with an obsolete estimate, schedule, or budget. We really know the importance of changes in projects every day and that the failure to evaluate and appreciate changes proactively can lead to project failure.

ProjectScript has the following modules now which are developed and tested:

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ProjectScript dashboard is meant to enarm each user with the required data to take the most appropriate decisions for the benefit of the project or its stakeholders. These data may be presented on the dashboard in the form of KPIs, charts, diagrams, tables, etc. The dashboard is not just a visual tool, it is also a data mining tool as well as a control tool using which the user can dive deep through the layers of data to identify the root causes and initiate appropriate controls or corrective actions.

Real-time construction management software

Project Creation using BuildingBlock

For any ProjectScript user, building any project is a matter of a few clicks. User does not have to spend time on estimating, calculating, or other strenuous techniques to figure out how to create a small, medium, or even a large project which may be simple or complex structure or facility. Users can create any project using “BuildingBlocks” available in the ProjectScript Library. BuildingBlock is similar to the template of a WBS element; it can be at a project level, unit level, or an item level. Each BuildingBlock is complete with all the information required to construct that WBS. ProjectScript Library already has a number of pre-built BuildingBlocks. Any user can self-create additional BuildingBlocks required or can get those built by the ProjectScript Content Development Team.

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Cost Estimation

The importance of getting accurate estimates to bid or build cannot be overstated. Quite often companies bid for work with high level of margin of error. Customers who use ProjectScript can avoid those pitfalls – losing profit by underquoting or losing project (revenue) by overquoting. As soon as a user creates a project using BuildingBlocks from the ProjectScript Library and the activity schedule is finalized, the user will be able to download the estimate from the application. The ProjectScript Library is loaded with the data provided by us. However, customers can use their estimating databases to replace the ProjectScript Library data

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Detailed Activity Network

Activity Network is created simultaneously with the creation of project using BuildingBlocks. Users can change the activity network logic by changing activity relationships as they require. Developing the project’s activity network is very important because of two reasons: 1. Project activity network reveals the real execution plan. It reflects the execution thought process. 2. The CPM (critical path method) calculations are based on the project activity network. Any error in the activity network will result in inaccurate dates, float calculations, and Gantt Chart. The detailed activity network in ProjectScript is not messy or complex and hard to trace and validate as in some other software outputs. ProjectScript greatly helps the user to create the activity network accurately, with the least time and effort.

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CPM Scheduling

A user can schedule the project to find out the Early Start, Early Finish, Late Start, Late Finish, Total Float, and Free Float as soon as the project is built using BuildingBlocks. Users can view the CPM schedule in Gantt Chart based on early dates or late dates. Users can modify the durations or relations to get the desired dates. The CPM calculations output from ProjectScript and the Gantt Chart generated are easy to follow and validate. Because of the Finish-to-Start relationship philosophy implemented in the CPM scheduling using ProjectScript, dates and floats calculated by the application will be true and accurate.

Construction project management software platform

Cost Control

As of now, Cost is the number one metric to measure the success of a project. A large portion of the projects built globally run beyond their budgets. The probabaility of nay project to run over budget is more than 50%. Because of that implementing effective cost control mechanisms is critical for successful project delivery. Customers can control their projects’ costs at a granular level using ProjectScript. Cost control is more effective by controlling costs at micro level, and not at macro level, which can be very easily done using ProjectScript.

There a number of reasons why budgets are over run. Some of those are inaccurate cost estimates, poor productivity, and lack of real time visibility. Inaccurate cost estimates can be prevented by using ProjectScript. Productivity of labor and equipment can be measured in real-time using ProjectScript. ProjectScript furnishes real-time data and because of that Managers and Executives can observe the cost trend at activity level, WBS level, or project level and initiate appropriate control actions without any delay.

Many of the applications which claim as cost control perform only cost tracking, which is an important aspect of cost control, but it is only one part of the Cost Control. Effective cost control involves the following: cost estimating, cost budgeting, cost tracking, cost forecasting, and cost variance analysis. You can perform all these construction project management functions using ProjectScript accurately, timely, and easily.

Real-time construction management software

Earned Value

Cost control becomes more meaningful and effective by employing Earned Value management. Users can monitor the various earned value metrics in real-time. Customers can act on real-time project data using ProjectScript. Users can become more efficient and get more accurate results by using ProjectScript because cost and schedule are managed using the same application.

Eeasy to use construction project management software


ProjectScript generates a number of KPIs some of which are industry-wide available. We have developed some KPIs hitherto not used in the industry but are very helpful. They are useful to know the trend of the activity, WBS, or the Project. Users can get a better control of their projects by monitoring and tracking these KPIs. These KPIs cover every aspect of a project such as schedule, cost, productivity, safety, quality, customer satisfaction, and stakeholder satisfaction.

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ProjectScript has the timekeeping service which automatically tracks the check-in and check-out of employees and equipment. Customers have the option to check-in/check-out their employees and equipment manually also. Customers can save money by using ProjectScript instead of timekeepers, turnstiles, magnetic card readers, and other similar timekeeping devices.

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An important goal of ProjectScript is to automate the construction management process and make it more efficient. Even though responses at a number of action points and decision points are automated, there are events which require human responses. Notifications are meant to alert and initiate human response at any time the required human response is delayed or absent. This helps the automation process to remain always fully functional.

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Resource Allocation

Allocating resources to activities is usually done by managers which suffers from a number disadvantages such as dealing with incomplete information, working under stress, bias and prejudices, manager’s poor decision-making skills, etc. This process is automated in ProjectScript. After considering a number of resource attributes and activity specifications and requirements, the best possible match is made between activity and resource (human or equipment) by using artificial intelligence. By matching round pegs to round holes and square pegs to square holes, the employee satisfaction can be improved which leads to better productivity. Learn more ….. (link to Module section 5)

Construction project management software platform

Resource Management

Job allocation and performance of each resource (human and labor) are tracked daily and continuously which helps to create a database on each resource. This feedback will help employees to improve their performance. Equipment data thus collected will be valuable for procurement, operation, and maintenance. These records become valuable assets for employee performance evaluation and future allocation of work. Learn more ….. (link to Module section 5)

Eeasy to use construction project management software

My Diary

Each user can create a My Diary and input the required data during their work hours. Data once input will not have to be repeated any time by anyone. Design and configuration of the diary depends on the user’s role. A Crew Lead may have a simple diary covering his/her activities and resources associated with those activities where as a manager may have a different diary layout where data about all the activities and resources the Manager is dealing with are available.

Eeasy to use construction project management software

Project Control

What is Project Control? You may not get an accurate definition if you search online or visit leading industry organizations like Association for Advancement of Cost Engineering International (www.aacei.com) or Project Management Institute (www.pmi.org). According to some practitioners, project control is cost control or cost & schedule management.

Project control is to project management what instrumentation & controls is to a process plant.

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Project Success

How do you know whether your project is successful now? Or what the project outcomes are likely to be?

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Technical Support

Live Help is available to solve access and login issues, and for any training required for customers. Technical Support is available to users to address any questions or concerns they may have. Help is available to users to train them on the application (for those whom online training is not sufficient), setting up enterprises and projects; creating projects using BuildingBlocks; and running ProjectScript.