User-friendly and Efficient BuildingBlocks to Create Projects

BuildingBlock (patent pending) developed and implemented in ProjectScript is beneficial to Project Managers to create their Project Management system within a short time and with minimal effort. BuildingBlock can be at any level – project or WBS. It is rich with content about the Project or the WBS. These content includes details about activities, resources and materials required; drawings and other documents; details of safety , quality, and other risks; estimate of time and required. These are just a few of the examples the BuildingBlocks contain.

BuildingBlocks enable Project Managers to increase their efficiency and accuracy.

BuildingBlock can be at any level – project or WBS. For example, a Project Manager can use the BB of a residential building with 2,000 sq ft having 3 bed rooms and two toilets to create another residential building project of 4 bedrooms and 3 toilets just by a few clicks. The Project Manager can get a fully resource and cost loaded schedule within the hour. The BuildingBlock can be customized by adding drawings and other documents, importing labor, equipment, and manager data within one hour. Project Manager can run the schedule and make any adjustments, if required, on schedule and budget, or any other attributes. A Project Manager would be able to perform all these functions and get a new Project Management playbook required for the new project in a very short time.