Accurate, Timely, and Detailed Cost Estimator

An accurate cost estimate is a pre-requirement to a successful project. The importance of an accurate estimate cannot be overstated! ProjectScript has the inbuilt cost estimating capability and so you do not have to subscribe to a separate cost estimating application. You can use your own unit rates of cost and productivity or avail those from ProjectScript if you use ProjectScript. There are five classes of cost estimates generally used. This classification system is based on the maturity of the project deliverables. The accuracy of the Class 1 estimate which is commonly used for construction cost varies anywhere from -3% to +15% where the maturity level of project definition deliverables is high. If the cost estimate varies by +15% and if the additional cost is not reimbursed by their customer, the project is likely to end in financial loss. ProjectScript customers can get very accurate cost estimates and drive their projects to financial success because ProjectScript calculates cost at a very detailed activity level. ProjectScript helps the users to develop all the activity details so that nothing is missed in the estimation. A project estimate developed using ProjectScript will increase of the chances of project success.