About Us

Who we are

We are a team of construction professionals and software engineers. We are passionate about making construction projects successful – safe, environmental-friendly, on budget, on time, and as specified. We are determined to change the status of the construction industry because the thousands of human lives lost and billions of $ wasted are preventable.

What we do

We have developed ProjectScript, a very user-friendly construction project management application. We are keen to develop this application into a platform where owners, architects, consultants, contractors, and regulators can collaborate to build their projects successfully and enjoy that process. Digital tools have to be user-friendly and affordable so that construction professionals with even limited computer skills can benefit from technology to make their projects safe, on time, and under budget. Our work is focused to bringing out the most user-friendly and affordable construction project management application.

Our Core Values

Value Addition
This is the basis of our relationships – between company and its employees, and between company and its customers. We should add value to our work place; our products should add value to our customers’ operations; and as humans we should add value to our communities and planet. Otherwise, why should we exist in that space?
We treat everyone equal. Nationalities, national origins, age, gender, religion, caste, skin color, sexual orientation – none of this matter to our work. What counts is your/our performance and commitment to our agreements.
We will be transparent in our business dealings – company to its employees and company to its customers. Transparency helps Value Addition and Equality to thrive.