ProjectScript has a number of differentiators compared to other cm applications available in the market. They are

  • ProjectScript is the most easy-to-use construction management application on the planet
  • ProjectScript is a real-time construction management application
  • ProjectScript is a comprehensive and integrated construction management application
  • ProjectScript the most affordable construction management application
  • ProjectScript is based on a well-designed single source of truth philosophy
  • Customers can automate their construction management process using ProjectScript

Many of the top tier construction management software available in the market demand high level of expertise for users which require several days of software training and perhaps years of practice as a scheduler, cost engineer, or construction professional. Users who lack construction knowledge and experience are often dependent on others to perform their work which affects their efficiency and quality of work. Because of this a large portion of construction professionals are alienated from using construction management applications to advance their projects to greater success or reduce the magnitude of their project’s failure. Our goal was to provide an application which required just the basic computer skills to operate.

ProjectScript is a real-time application in the true sense because all the data (schedule, resources, materials, and issues) are input daily at the close of the shift. As a result, the data you view is as recent as at the start of the shift or the finish of the earlier shift.

Construction management involves the successful performance of a variety of required functions without which a construction project cannot be said to have completed successfully. Project success is a relative term because it is different from project to project. However, at a minimum, the employees shall be safe and secure within the project, the project when completed shall conform to the scope and quality specifications, the project cost shall be within the budget limits, and it shall be completed on or before the completion milestones. There are a number of applications catering to these specific goals. As it can be easily imagined, it would be more efficient to use one application instead of using multiple applications toward the same goal. ProjectScript provides all these functionalities plus a lot more.

ProjectScript is the most affordable construction management application because our customers will be net gainers by implementing ProjectScript. Our estimates show that the ROI (return on investment) for our customers would be about 4. So, you are not paying us for ProjectScript subscription from your budget; you are paying us from the gains you make by implementing ProjectScript.

The management of a modern construction project is very complex. Even though construction may be occurring at a specified geographical location, a lot of other activities such as engineering, procurement, manufacturing, pre-fabrication, logistics, and quality control may be performed by different agencies in different parts of the world. Because of this communication among project stakeholders has become very important. It is also very important that all the persons discussing a particular topic – be that an activity, equipment, document, or material – be on the same page. Without the implementation of a well-designed single source of truth philosophy, the communication can become inefficient, messy, disconnected, or even misleading. You will find that the SSOT approach we have implemented in ProjectScript is the best in class!

This is a very unique aspect of ProjectScript. Using our patent (pending) technologies our customers can automate their construction management process. The automation brings a number of benefits to our customers and their employees. Our customers can develop consistent work process using ProjectScript or implement the process which we have developed to drive their daily activities. This automated process leads to a more efficient system and results in elimination of valueless organizational layers and overhead costs. The consistency in construction management process will help the customer to increase their productivity and profitability. It will also help them to scale up their operations and multiply their revenue several times over the coming years. Workers will be able to eliminate safety incidents, avoid work defects, and improve their productivity. We estimate a 20% increase in productivity and a reduction of 10% in operational costs.