Real-time and Accurate CPM Scheduler

An accurate and detailed CPM schedule can become the most effective management tool in any construction project. However, developing a detailed CPM schedule requires a lot of skills and is very labor-intensive without which the output could be inaccurate and even misleading. The scheduling module in ProjectScript is developed with all these in mind – to make the schedule accurate and very detailed and at the same time without requiring a lot of skills or effort from the scheduler. Most of the construction schedules in the market are based on deterministic models. The schedule assumes the required resources are available for the activities planned. ProjectScript employs the non-deterministic scheduling model so that the CPM schedule can appropriately respond to even unexpected addition, deletion, or modification of scheduled activities and daily changes in the resource availability.

In spite of all these nuances, ProjectScript does not require dedicated, full-time, or highly-trained operators. Our estimate is that CPM schedules built with ProjectScript requires only 10% or less of the time and effort required for similar work using other software.

As the number of activities increase in any project, the scheduler is likely to get confused unless the project structure is logically well organized. Large project schedules can become messy like “primavera noodle”. However, it would not happen so in ProjectScript because of the BuildingBlocks and the prebuilt activity relationships.