Core Modules

Real-time construction management software

Dynamic Real-time Heatmap Dashboard for Enterprise Leaders, Executives, and Managers

ProjectScript has a dynamic real-time heatmap driven dashboard for every user – for CEOs, Executives, Managers, Superintendents, Foremen, and Workers. Users can plan, execute, report, and control their work using the dashboard. The dynamic real-time heatmap dashboard provides the users with the most current status of their enterprise, portfolios, and projects. Users can go further down to the level of a single activity or a set of activities to learn its status, predict the outcomes, and/or analyze the variances and its root causes. Users can view the scheduled activities daily or over longer periods of time in past, present, or future.

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User-friendly and Efficient BuildingBlocks to Create Projects

BuildingBlock (patent pending) developed and implemented in ProjectScript is beneficial to Project Managers to create their Project Management system within a short time and with minimal effort. BuildingBlock can be at any level – project or WBS. It is rich with content about the Project or the WBS. These content includes details about activities, resources and materials required; drawings and other documents; details of safety , quality, and other risks; estimate of time and required. These are just a few of the examples the BuildingBlocks contain.

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Accurate, Timely, and Detailed Cost Estimator

An accurate cost estimate is a pre-requirement to a successful project. The importance of an accurate estimate cannot be overstated! ProjectScript has the inbuilt cost estimating capability and so you do not have to subscribe to a separate cost estimating application. You can use your own unit rates of cost and productivity or avail those from ProjectScript if you use ProjectScript. There are five classes of cost estimates generally used. This classification system is based on the maturity of the project deliverables.

Real-time construction management software

Real-time and Accurate CPM Scheduler

An accurate and detailed CPM schedule can become the most effective management tool in any construction project. However, developing a detailed CPM schedule requires a lot of skills and is very labor-intensive without which the output could be inaccurate and even misleading. The scheduling module in ProjectScript is developed with all these in mind – to make the schedule accurate and very detailed and at the same time without requiring a lot of skills or effort from the scheduler. Most of the construction schedules in the market are based on deterministic models.

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AI-driven Optimized Resource Allocator

Allocation of the most suitable labor and equipment resources for each project activity is key to productivity and employee satisfaction. Managers can automatically allocate resources to activities using ProjectScript’s patent (pending) algorithm. The application considers a number of attributes of the employee and matches with the scheduled activity specifications and skill requirements for the most optimal results. The process is transparent and chances of bias and discrimination are totally eliminated since the application does the resource allocation. It also has the manager manual override feature so that it is possible for any manager to manually change the resource allocation, if that is desired.