AI-driven Optimized Resource Allocator

Allocation of the most suitable labor and equipment resources for each project activity is key to productivity and employee satisfaction. Managers can automatically allocate resources to activities using ProjectScript’s patent (pending) algorithm. The application considers a number of attributes of the employee and matches with the scheduled activity specifications and skill requirements for the most optimal results. The process is transparent and chances of bias and discrimination are totally eliminated since the application does the resource allocation. It also has the manager manual override feature so that it is possible for any manager to manually change the resource allocation, if that is desired.

Apart from the benefits of transparency and elimination of bias and discrimination, the automatic resource allocation increases the manager’s efficiency by quickly responding to changes. For example, on a day when employee attendance is impacted because of weather or other factors, ProjectScript will allocate available resources optimally to the most time-sensitive activities so that project’s critical path is not adversely impacted.