ProjectScript Features

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Efficient and Easy to Use

Our goal from day one was to produce the most user-friendly software so that anyone with even a limited set of computer skills would be able to learn and practice the application from the get-go. We also wanted the application to be highly efficient. Construction industry professionals who tested the application agreed that we have succeeded in our goals. The application is efficient and user-friendly because of several reasons.

ProjectScript is highly efficient because by using our patent (pending) BuildingBlock technology users can create projects in a very short time. These BuildingBlocks are content-rich which can be customized with just a few clicks. The project built will have the estimate of materials, cost, safety, quality, CPM schedule, timekeeping, documents, Dashboard.

ProjectScript is so easy to use that most of the users can learn to use it in a few hours even though the software is loaded with a number of features and functionalities. The screens are well laid out and navigation is streamlined. The software is very self-intuitive so that any user can move from screen to screen seamlessly without any external help and accomplish their goals in a short time.

Because of the built-in network logics in the BuildingBlocks the chances of errors in CPM computing are non-existent. Even though CPM schedules produced by ProjectScript are very detailed, the users do not require any high level of skills and knowledge in construction. Users can build even large CPM networks easily and efficiently, without fear of errors and network loops.

construction management software

Reliable & Real-time Data

Managers and executives cannot initiate timely corrective action if reliable and real-time data is not available. This is a huge loss of opportunity and this can even lead to project failure. For data to be reliable, good data collection techniques are required. At a minimum, the data entry barrier has to be low and the person who enters the data should have complete knowledge and responsibility of the entry. In ProjectScript data is entered on a laptop or a mobile device by the Worker or the Team Leader who performs the work. It is then reviewed and edited or approved by a supervisor or manager before it goes into the system.

To obtain real-time data for managers and executives project activities need to be updated and processed in real-time. ProjectScript users can update activities as soon as any activity is completed. The data entered includes time and Other Cost information. ProjectScript is capable of recalculating the project schedule immediately after update and provide new schedule, cost, and other data. Because of this, managers and executives who have implemented ProjectScript can stay current about their projects and be able to take any corrective actions when required.

Affordable and free to use construction software


ProjectScript is likely to be the most affordable construction management software when you consider the subscription fee vs. the benefits. ProjectScript has all the essential modules required by construction companies for their project management so that all these services are paid under one license. We believe that by implementing ProjectScript it is possible to reduce your operational costs by 10% or more. The reduction in operational costs result from increased productivity, reducing overhead costs by elimination of all non-value organizational layers, reduction in the employee count, and reducing material wastage – to list a few benefits.

Real time construction project management software


Enabling team members to collaborate is an important aspect of a good construction management application because construction is like a game played by a number of teams towards one goal – project success. ProjectScript is a collaborative construction management application. Every employee – be that a worker, manager, or a leader – has an important role to play and ProjectScript clearly details the employee’s roles and provides them with the work input data and collects the work output data. By implementing ProjectScript, you can break down the walls between parties and promote collaboration. By using ProjectScript you can become more successful through better collaboration without losing control on your rights or profits.

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Comprehensive and Integrated

ProjectScript is a comprehensive construction management platform. Our goal was to provide the users with every tool to solve their construction management challenges. Our beta testers, who are industry experts, say that we have succeeded in that goal. Users can perform all the core construction management functions on this platform: project creation, estimation, CPM scheduling, cost control, earned value management, KPIs, dashboard and controlling documents, HSE, Quality, and Other Risks.

ProjectScript is an integrated construction management solution to the numerous challenges in construction projects. ProjectScript is designed with that vision. It is the brain child of the founder who has about 45 years’ experience in a variety of construction domains and aspects. It is not an acquired collection of software developed by others with different motives, goals, and visions. Because of its integrated and comprehensive design ProjectScript users can navigate effortlessly and seamlessly from project creation to estimation, scheduling, cost control, and other key project management functionalities.

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Automation of the construction management process

Even though ProjectScript has a number of differentiators with other construction management applications, the biggest differentiator is that by implementing ProjectScript, you can automate the construction management process. About 60 years ago, construction industry had a higher productivity than manufacturing industry had. However, manufacturing industry made significant progress in productivity during the past decades through increased automation and digitization whereas construction industry productivity stood still until recently because it was one among the least digitized industry. ProjectScript is set to disrupt the way construction projects are managed. ProjectScript will bring more value addition, productivity, accountability, and transparency to construction project management. We believe that by automating the construction project management process companies can reduce their labor wages by 20% and their overall operating costs by 10%. This is a very significant gain because the industry average profit margin is less than 10%.

construction management software

Single Source of Truth

SSOT (Single Source of Truth) has become a much-coveted feature for construction project management applications. However, it is not something that can be built-in as an afterthought. ProjectScript design, because of its founders extensive, deep, and diverse experience and vision, had the Single Source of Truth philosophy built-in from day one of the product design. Large projects may require millions of tons of several types of materials and documents and several years for construction. These materials and documents may come from different suppliers and from various countries, spanning over the several years of construction. Even though construction may be local to a place on the geographical map, a lot of other activities such as engineering, procurement, manufacturing, pre-fabrication, logistics, and quality control may be performed by diverse people all over the world over different time zones. ProjectScript will be of immense value to you to implement SSOT data management in such complex projects. SSOT is of utmost value during turnover of the built systems from construction to startup & commissioning and thereafter for the life of the plant during operations and maintenance. ProjectScript will be of immense value as your single source of truth as far as project data is concerned.

ProjectScript - Construction project management software

Easy and Fair Dispute Resolution

Disputes can arise in any construction contract, even in projects where all the parties work collaboratively. Because of that it is essential that the construction project management software shall be helpful to reduce the chances of dispute occurrence and even if any dispute occurs because of any reasons, the software shall be useful to resolve the dispute justfully. Contractees and contractors can use ProjectScript not only to reduce and/or resolve disputes, but also to totally eliminate disputes by proactively using the ProjectScript Dashboard. Disputes can occur because of the errors and/or omissions and/or commissions of the contractee, contractor or jointly by the parties. Disputes can also arise from external factors on which the contractee or contractor may have or not have any control. The availability of millions of data generated during the project – baselines, daily updates, forecasts, variances, and notifications – will be a valuable resource in identifying root causes and accountabilities. The ability to avoid disputes and litigation would be a huge benefit to both the parties because it saves significant money and huge human effort.